PAGATIM’s expert team of audio storytellers will help identify and shape your most compelling stories for social and mobile platforms. Our audio programming works to engage your customers’ imagination with a consistent offering of unique and memorable content.

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  • "Pagatim’s work with our audiocast series, CLIFCast, has been instrumental in helping us push the program to the next level."

  • “The folks at Pagatim are top-notch, very professional, great at what they do, and great to work with. They took my podcast to a whole new level."

  • “Hybrid life is a real interesting synergy of traditional radio and social media…we can capture the imagination of what we are trying to do and broadcast it. Itʻs really working for us.”

  • “Podcasts continue to be effective ways to reach affluent consumers who exhibit ad avoidance behaviors.”

  • Last year, 132 million people listened to internet radio.

  • "The PAGATIM team not only helped us develop an outstanding marketing tool for our organization, they also took the time to help the girls in our program develop interviewing skills and learn about how their business works."

  • "The team is doing great. I keep feeding them material and waiting for the point that I have to rewrite [it], but so far, they’ve nailed it."

  • "We have partnered with Pagatim to create a podcast. The content we produce in the weekly show is providing a much-needed additional platform to promote our mission and brand. The Pagatim team is a lot of fun to work with and very competent!"

  • “Working with Pagatim has truly been a delight. The Pagatim Team has a clear vision for the future—True Nature Radio is excited to be a part of it!”

The Evolution of Storytelling
  • Since the very beginning, storytelling has been the center of creating community, culture and wisdom.
  • From cave drawings, to Thomas Edison’s phonograph,...
  • to Orson Welles' "War of the Worlds" that broadcasted via network radio to millions of listeners,...
  • gadgets and technology have revolutionized storytelling and audio listening.
  • Starting from the boombox in the 1970s, to the smart phones of today, listening has become mobile, customizable and 'on demand'.

Content on the go

1 in 5 smartphone owners listened to a podcast last month

Smart phones have transformed marketing and the consumer.  Audio content moves your consumer and it’s also on the move.  Your customers want to listen on the run. Are you willing to meet them in the fast lane?

Make a mobile connection to your audience

Unlike video, audio is ‘eyes free’ content that is portable, compelling, fluid, and the choice of your multi-tasking customers.

  • 64% of podcast listeners plugged their smartphone into their cars to listen while driving
  • On average, people listen to 22 minutes of audio compared to 1-3 minutes of video
  • Digital audio listeners represent an affluent market
  • 1 in 6 Americans listened last month

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Consumers are looking for information, inspiration or a solution to their problem, not a sales pitch. We believe authentic and brave stories are the true connectors that engage people with a brand. We know creating engaging content is essential. We work with you to find your story, shape it, put it where the people are listening and then provide analytics to track it's success.


Branded audio content is more than just podcasting. It can be any story or set of facts that will serve to connect, educate and inspire your audiences. Whether you need to train your sales force, recruit new employees, or establish yourself as a thought leader, audio is a fluid, customizable and creative communication tool.

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