July 1, 2012

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Meet the Shows!

At PAGATIM we believe that brave authentic stories will change the world. We believe everyone has a Ted Talk within them and our work is to find that story, shape it and get it to where the people are listening. We are working with community leaders, companies, and individials to create, produce and distribute audio content that will inspire people. Our current network of shows inspire people to be healthier, to live in a more financially sustainable way, or to be a better parent.

Indie Music PDX

Hosted by: Jonah Geil- Neufeld

Enjoy intimate conversations with independent artist and bands, concerning their music, life, and passions.

New shows- Tuesdays at 4pm



True Nature Radio

Hosted by: Laurie Regan, PhD, ND and Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc

With classical Chinese medicine as our core, this program explores ancient and natural systems of healing, seeking to uncover practical solutions for staying healthy and living well.




Zen Parenting

Hosted by: Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams

A resource for parents on how to find balance for yourself and your family.

New shows air every Tuesday at 2:30pm




Navigating Your Money

Hosted by: Mike Tierney from Unitus Credit Union

Authentic conversations about practical money matters.

New show every other Wednesday at 10am



Another Mother Runner

Hosted by: Authors Sarah Bown Shea and Dimity McDowell

The good the bad an the ugly of being a mom, a runner, or a mom who runs.

New shows – every other Thursday 10:30am



 Small Business Success With Steve Strauss

  Hosted by: Author and USA Today Columnist Steve Strauss

A lively and informative weekly resource for freelancers and the self employed, including a roundup of    small business news, interviews, and success strategies by expert and USA TODAY columnist, Steve Strauss.


Dads Unplugged

Hosted by: Todd Manfield and Kent Lewis

Hosts Todd Mansfield and Kent Lewis take a “different” look at the “other side” of parenting. By dads & for dads.

Parenting Unplugged

Hosted by: Todd and Laura Mansfield

A safe place to vent and learn about the difficult and hysterical moments of being a parent.


Make sure to check out www.pagatim.fm or www.communityradio.fm to access any of these shows live via streaming or on demand. All shows are available on iTunes, TuneIn Radio and Stitcher. You can also check out the Meet the Shows, tab on our Facebook page.